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     A F T E R C A R E    D I R E C T I O N S           
1.     Do not re-bandage your tattoo.
2. Always wash your hands before
    touching your tattoo.Do not use
    a washcloth or anything abrasive
    on the tattoo.
3.  Do not pick or  scratch  your  tattoo.
4.  Apply a  thin layer of ointment with
      your fingertips till its absorbed.
       Do that a few times a Day for  48hrs.
         After that you can switch to  a    
     frangrance free lotion  till  healed.
5.  Avoid hot tubs,swimming pools  and
    the ocean  during the healing  time.
6.  Do not oversoak your  tattoo  with     
      water while in the shower.                    
7.   Avoid direct sunlight or tanning        
   beds for a few weeks.Avoid  tanning   
    oils,lotions and sand.                         
8.    Avoid tight fitting clothes which        
         might irritate  the tattoo.